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Kamikaze Pelicans in SloMo

This slow motion video shows brown pelicans break-neck diving into schools of spawning herring in San Francisco Bay at Point Richmond, California. Continue reading

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Gophers’ Worst Nightmare

Tweet  Ever wonder why fish-eating herons and egrets are often seen standing in fields? This video provides some clues. This Great Blue Heron caught and killed four gophers in a row without a miss! Two gophers were swallowed and two … Continue reading

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Blue Birds & Hair

Tweet  The woman with blue hair walked by as I was filming bluebirds!¬†Over the years I would occasionally spot Western Bluebirds on sunny afternoons in Miller Knox Regional Shoreline Park in Point Richmond on my frequent walks. However, I had … Continue reading

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Red Fox Along the Bay Trail in Richmond, CA

Tweet I encountered this red fox while walking around the Landfill Loop Trail at Garbage Mountain. I was surprised to see the fox out in mid day. It appeared to be hunting. Unlike our native tree-climbing little native grey fox, … Continue reading

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