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Masked Bandits Snatch Cherries Under Cover of Darkness

TweetThis family of raccoons gorged themselves on the bounty of chokecherries next to my home in Pt. Richmond, CA. I counted 3 youngsters and 2 adults. The youngsters had better access to the fruit because their lighter weight allowed them … Continue reading

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Pelicans Dive UPSIDE DOWN, While Keeping Heads RIGHT-SIDE UP!

TweetI first noticed this upside-down crashing into water while reviewing footage one frame at a time. During their high-speed dives, a fraction of a second before hitting the water, the 15 diving Brown Pelicans in this 10 second clip all … Continue reading

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Kamikaze Pelicans in SloMo

This slow motion video shows brown pelicans break-neck diving into schools of spawning herring in San Francisco Bay at Point Richmond, California. Continue reading

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Dancing with MS

Tweet “A disability or chronic illness can be painful and discouraging, but it doesn’t have to limit your potential for joy and fulfillment.” Julianne Blake, Ph.D. has specialized in overcoming physical symptoms, self-esteem challenges and those negative attitudes that can … Continue reading

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Salmon Spawning in Marin

TweetRecent rains triggered the coho salmon spawning season. The female appears to be the fish on the lower right laying eggs in the gravel which are fertilized by the male behind her. At about 30 inches long, the salmon were … Continue reading

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Great Horned Owls at Sunset

These Great Horned Owls watch helicopters, planes, and other flying objects at sunset. Sometimes I wonder if they enjoy sunsets for their beauty, or if they are just anticipating the night out. What do you think?

These owls were filmed at Miller Knox Regional Park in Richmond, Ca. overlooking the San Francisco Bay Trail. For a video of “Adolescent Owls Holding Hands Before a Night Out” go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxhB2fBtpqU Continue reading

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Creepy Spider at Crescent Moon

Tweet  Happy Halloween! To see my slow motion video of a spider building its web click here.

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POT-Making with a USED TIRE!

Tweet A rotating wobbly tire serves as a potters spinning wheel to make hundreds of symmetrical clay pots. The first part of this video is sped-up threefold, and the second part is shown at actual speed. Just one vigorous spin of the … Continue reading

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Crabs Look On as River Otter Catches and Decapitates Fish

TweetThe crabs were lucky! They didn’t get eaten and were probably able to pick up a few scraps of fish for themselves after the kill. Notice the crabs scurrying about in the rocks. By decapitating the fish, the otter ensures … Continue reading

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Adolescent Owls Hold “Hands” & Prepare for a Night Out

TweetThis is Part I of a series of short videos I am making about a Great Horned Owl family that lives in my neighborhood. It documents 2 young Great Horned Owls having a hard time waking up after a hard-day’s … Continue reading

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