Motor Rewinding and Re-manufacturing

Motor Rewinding

This video shows what it takes to rewind and re-manufacture electrical motors. Click to play video.

This depicts a wide variety of motor rewinding and rebuilding processes that takes place by the skilled technicians at KOFFLER in San Leandro CA. The variety and size of motors and generators they work on is immense. The video includes the random winding of a multiple-strand stator coil, layer winding for a rotating field coil, and the random winding of a rotating excitor rotor. Progress is followed showing various stages of lamination being replaced in a 3,500 kW generator. Commutator undercutting is demonstrated using a laser guided tool on a large rotor. The winding and insulating of a variety of AC and DC armatures is demonstrated, along with the wedging and insertion of coils in a variety of newly wound stators.

Finally, you will see the testing of the output voltage of a 5,000 kW generator to assure that all 3 phases are the same.For more information, go to

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