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Filmmaker Mike Bukay provided footage and was interviewed about the recent herring run. Click to play video.

Fisherman, waterfowl, and seals aren’t the only ones interested in the recent herring population increase in the San Francisco Bay. Area chefs and news reporters are also paying attention. While researching his “California Herring Population On Upswing” story, outdoor reporter Don Ford of CBS Channel 5 News contacted me after watching my 2011 YouTube video, “Gulls Gone Wild!” This short film captured massive numbers of waterfowl feasted on, and fighting over, the fish eggs left left behind by that year’s spawning herring along the shores of Point Richmond, CA. After watching the video, the reporter figured I knew something about the herring and thought that I might be able to help with his story. We met at my studio for an interview and to review some of the footage I shot of this year’s herring run.

This is the third consecutive year that the herring returned to the shores of Miller Knox Park to spawn in large numbers. Years ago, the old-timers tell me that this was a common event. One thing that stood out in this year’s herring run was the presence of a fleet of fishing boats that quickly caught their limits along the Miller Knox Park shoreline. I provided some footage for the news piece and am very pleased with how Don Ford crafted the story and ended it with some funny squid humor. The story aired on March 6, 2013.

The 2011 “Gulls Gone Wild” video can be seen at: http://youtu.be/coAf-jlAf_4

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