Tackle a Big Problem with a Training Video

Help! I need a training video.

Help! I need a training video. (istockphoto)

Are you experiencing a re-occurring operation or maintenance problem, in spite of your attempts to correct it through verbal or written communications? An example would be a situation in which adjustments to a control system are being made differently by a variety of technicians. One technician tweaks the control system on his or her shift only to cause problems for technicians on the next shift. Without a uniform understanding of the “big picture,” the cycle of tweaking could continue indefinitely. A training video could harness the skills of the most expert technician to demonstrate best practices and standardize the procedure throughout the facility.

 Are you dealing with a re-occurring troublesome issue that may be resolved with a training video?

About Michael Bukay, MS

Hello! I'm Mike Bukay, founder of Michael Bukay & Associates. Much of my career has been spent as a consultant/troubleshooter/instructor in the field of high purity industrial water treatment. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients including IBM, Intel, Electric Power Research Institute, Genentech, Hewlett Packard, Advanced Micro Devices, and many others. These experiences provide me with a solid foundation for the operation and maintenance requirements, and training needs, for process-critical industrial equipment. After 18 years of consulting work, I decided to follow my passion to make movies. I took classes and started making movies. Now, we produce a wide variety of videos. I love the work!
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