Don’t Just Tell Me…SHOW ME!

A video demonstration of the rope-eating Chopper Pump. Click to play video.

This video presentation demonstrates how videos can be used to enhance instructional programs for Facilities Engineers and their vendors. Operation and maintenance personnel are typically kinesthetic learners. They tend to learn best by doing and observing, rather than following complex written procedures. Videos are ideal for kinesthetic learners.
Words are first converted into images for understanding. Video training provides a direct approach by supplying the intended imagery, thus reducing the chance for misinterpretation. The effective use of videos can help companies save money, make money, and make life easier.
Topics include the use of videos to:
  • Demonstrate the benefits of your company’s products, capabilities, and services;
  • Show how to operate and maintain complex equipment;
  • Train personnel on how to deal with site-specific critical equipment during emergencies; and the importance of
  • Documenting special projects for training, archiving, and marketing purposes.

This video is based excerpts from a presentation made to the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association of Facilities Engineering (AFE) on July 27, 2011.

A special thank you goes out to the staff of the Pipe Trades Training Center for hosting this event; and to Jim Elder of Computer Air/Power Systems, Bob Adamo and Kady Blake of Technical Builders, and Raffy Espiritu of Clean Innovation for helping create and organize this event.

This activity was sponsored by the Silicon Valley Chapters of the AFE. In addition to being a lot of fun, these gatherings provide excellent networking opportunities. We bring together professionals who ensure the optimal operation of plants, grounds and offices at Fortune 500 manufacturers, universities, medical centers, government agencies and innovative small firms from around the world. And, they all look to AFE as the leading technical resource on engineering issues. AFE’s mission is to provide education, certification, technical information and other relevant resources to plant and facility engineering, operation and maintenance.

Michael Bukay is New Media Chair for the AFE Silicon Valley Chapter and owner of Michael Bukay & Associates which provides industrial video communication services to facilities and vendors. He can be reached at 510-232-9830 or

About Michael Bukay, MS

Hello! I'm Mike Bukay, founder of Michael Bukay & Associates. Much of my career has been spent as a consultant/troubleshooter/instructor in the field of high purity industrial water treatment. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients including IBM, Intel, Electric Power Research Institute, Genentech, Hewlett Packard, Advanced Micro Devices, and many others. These experiences provide me with a solid foundation for the operation and maintenance requirements, and training needs, for process-critical industrial equipment. After 18 years of consulting work, I decided to follow my passion to make movies. I took classes and started making movies. Now, we produce a wide variety of videos. I love the work!
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