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Pilot for Instructor Swim Training Series
(7 min 3 sec)


This is a pilot for a video program to train physical education instructors and lifeguards on how to teach kids to swim. The program will document training techniques that Bill Woolsey, Olympic Gold Medal winner, has developed over the last four decades while teaching thousands of children how to swim. This movie demonstrates the first three foundation lessons: 1) Bobbing and breath control; 2) Kicking; and 3) Using the arms.

In one case, two five-year old twins who received swim lessons for over a year at various swim schools sill couldn't swim. This video shows the methods Woolsey used to teach them, in just one hour, to be comfortable jumping into the deep end of the pool.

Bill has a gift for quickly assessing the swim student's needs. Through touch, in and out of the water, he senses the level of tension in the subject, and knows what techniques to use based upon his experiences with thousands of students over more than 45 years.

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