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Richmond Community Foundation presents
Summit 2014 - Transforming Lives and Creating Equity for
Boys and Men of Color
April 30 - May 1, 2014, Richmond, California
(25 min)



This year's summit, convened educators, community organizations, community leaders, elected officials, businesses, and area foundations to share innovative approaches, research driven models, and best practices for supporting the achievement of boys and men of color. As the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color has stated, "Our state's future prosperity and health depends on all Californians having a fair chance to thrive and succeed. Young people are one of our greatest assets and the best indicator of our state's future prosperity and health."

We have an urgent need to identify the public policies and program strategies that will significantly improve the education, health, and economic outcomes for boys and men of color in our communities. Studies of inequities in these three outcome areas show striking disparities based on race and ethnicity, and poor outcomes lead to diminished life chances for boys and men of color. For example Latino boys and young men are 4 times more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and African American boys and young men’s death rate from homicides is 16 times higher as compared to their white peers (RAND Corporation). These inequities don’t occur in isolation; in fact, the social determinants affecting these outcomes have been well studied. However, to eliminate these inequities we need to develop a common understanding of the challenges, and we must commit the required time, talent, and resources to bring what is working to scale.

This years speakers included:

Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Associate Professor of Raza Studies and Education at San Francisco State University and Director of the Educational Equity Initiative at the Institute for Sustainable Economic, Educational, and Environmental Design.

Chet Hewitt, President and CEO of the Sierra Health Foundation

Dr. Shawn Ginwright, Associate Professor of Education in the Africana Studies Department and Senior Research Associate for the Cesar Chavez Institute for Public Policy at San Francisco State University.

Dr. Will Walker, Associate Director of the Marcus Foster Education Fund

David Muhammad, Chief Executive Officer of Solutions, Inc.

Michel Clark, Executive Director of the Youth Employment Partnership

Cedric Brown, Managing Partner and the Kapor Center for Social Impact

Margaret Brodkin, Principal at MB&A and "Mother" of the San Francisco Children's Fund

Pastor Michael McBride, The Way Christian Center

Jane Fischberg, Executive Director, Rubicon Programs, Inc.

Brian A. Brown, Stanford Graduate School of Education

Christopher Chatmon, Executive Director, African American Male Achievement Department for the Oakland Unified School District

Jon Gilgoff, L.C.S.W., Executive Director, Brothers on The Rise

Zaretta Hammon, Owner and Chief Instructional Strategist, Transformative Learning Solutions.

Paul S. Flores, Program Manager, Latino Men and Boys, The Unity Council

Assemblymember Rob Bonta, California State Assembly 18th District.

Click here for more information about the Richmond Community Foundation.

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