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Egret Catches and Manipulates Fish in Slow Motion
(80 sec)



In this footage recorded at the Miller Knox Regional Park in Point Richmond, CA, the egret happens to line-up with extraordinary lighting conditions during the magic-hour of late afternoon. Bright bands of reflected light from ripples shimmer up and down its body reminding me of the color tricks that octopus and squid display on their bodies. The shimmering beauty of this unexpected natural light show is yet another example of the many rewards and benefits of hiking and observing nature along the San Francisco Bay trail.

This egret is a finely-tuned killing machine! Over the past few months I've seen it catch and eat gophers, a lizard, and lots of fish. Whether on landscapes or in water, it rarely misses its prey with its dagger-beak! Patience and laser-like focus knows no bounds while stalking its doomed prey.

The footage was shot with a Panasonic GH2 camera and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.
Such natural beauty reveals another tiny slice of reality in Mother Nature’s bag of secrets that are open to anyone who, like the egret, has the patience and attention-span to notice. I hope to see you along the SF Bay trail getting the exercise your body needs, while filling your spirit with the beauty of nature's bounty!

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