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Micro 2000 Chlorine Analyzer
(5 min)


This is an on-line instrument used to control the injection of a chemical (sodium metabisulfite) that neutralizes chlorine in the feedwater to a reverse osmosis unit in a high purity water system. This application is very challenging because the city water chlorine levels vary substantially and only enough chemical can be added to neutralize the chlorine. Too much disrupts the process.

The narration was videotaped in the presence of noise from several pumps including one from a reverse osmosis system. The loud pump noise was effectively filtered out in the editing process to the extent that voiceover was not required. This state of the art sound editing saved time and money in the production process.

Videos reduce the amount of time senior staff must spend training personnel. They are customized to site-specific needs. Technically experienced in-house experts are used to demonstrate procedures. Each video can be streamed from the company’s web server used to train many people throughout the company and even worldwide. This facilitates version control and reduces costs. Development costs can be shared by different departments and sites, thus greatly lowering the costs of training per individual.

Web videos can be added to existing in-house training programs. They are especially helpful to people who are visual or hands-on learners. Infrequently performed procedures, such as annual calibrations and response to a power failure, may be difficult to remember when they are needed. A quick review of a video can effectively refresh one’s memory and prevent mistakes.

Click here for more information about the Wallace&Tiernan Micro/2000 Residual Chlorine Analyzer.

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