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Largest California Wildfire: 3 Weeks After
(4 min)



These images were recorded three weeks after the Cedar Fire of October, 2003 in Harbison Canyon, one of many locations hit hard by the fire. Currently, the Cedar fire is the largest wildfire in recorded California history. It damaged or destroyed 2,820 buildings including 2,232 homes, and killed 15 people. I happened to be in the area on a trip, and decided to explore the impact of the fire. As I took the photos, tears were often running down my face as I witnessed the destruction and imagined the sudden losses of so many people. The images you see are just a fraction of the damage that resulted from the Cedar fire. I hope that these disturbing images will inspire you to be ever-vigilant and safe during fire seasons - which are likely to worsen with climate change.

For more information on this fire, check out Wikipedia.

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