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AFE Silicon Valley Chapter presents
Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)
at Google
March 24, 2011 Mountain View, California
(1.5 min)



AFE members and guests had the privilege of visiting Google’s West Campus building 5 in Mountain View, CA. to take a behind-the-scene look at the Internet search giant’s Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS).

After an exclusive lunch provided to the sold-out event by Google chefs, we were treated to a slide show presentation by Richard Celio, P.E. of longtime EMIS provider Applied Power Technologies on “Energy Management Information Systems Success Criteria: The missing piece of the puzzle.” The presentation topics included: why BMS/EMS information, alone, does not provide answers; how to leverage EMIS investments with customized automated reports sent to your email inbox or smart phone; and how to define success criteria by using cost, reliability, quality, impact, and efficiency indicators.

Following this, Google engineers presented real-time monitoring displays and in-depth discussions on: customizing energy management dashboards; augmenting EMIS with display monitors, Gmail, and Android smart phones; energy projects including cogeneration, solar, and fuel cell technologies; maintenance contracts; automated demand systems for temperature control; just-in-time resource management; and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of retrofitting older buildings and calculating the ROI for upgrades.

Our hosts and presenters demonstrated tremendous passion for their work! Google hires top-talent and provides them with the resources and freedom to experiment and innovate and to help usher in new energy-wise technologies. Combining the talents of facility engineers with information technology professionals has greatly facilitated the evolution of their energy management system. Engineers started with just one building and gradually added more buildings to the EMIS.

After the presentations and extensive attendee networking, Asim Tahir of Google guided us to the wall of wide-screen monitors that display real-time energy management information from throughout the campus.

A special thank you goes out to Dan Hoffman, Pat Nielsen, Dan Cocosa, Asim Tahir, and Kristina Dee for hosting this event and conducting very informative presentations and discussions.

Thanks to Andy Taylor of APT for helping create the event and reminding us why we invest in EMIS. If you were unable to attend, or would like to review Rich Celio’s presentation on “Success Criteria: The missing piece of the puzzle” you may download it at http://www.apt4power.com/upcoming_events.html. You may also view a slide show of the event at http://www.bukaymedia.com/afe.htm.

To learn more about how EMIS might work in your application contact APT at 408-342-0790 or http://apt4power.com;.

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For additional information on joining the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association for Facilities Engineering contact Jim Elder at 408-855-1105 or go to http://afe39.org/.

Michael Bukay is New Media Chair for the AFE Silicon Valley Chapter and owner of Michael Bukay & Associates which produces educational and marketing videos for the web. He can be reached at 510-232-9830 or http://bukaymedia.com/. Download a brochure on how web-based informational and marketing videos can help your organization to better reach its goals.

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