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Corporate & Industrial Training

Corporate & Industrial Training
(2 min)

We work with your in-house experts to produce custom training videos documenting your procedures. The videos are uploaded to your company's network and become valuable training and technical resources. They can be wirelessly streamed to laptop computers while technicians perform the procedures. Version control is simplified because only the latest version is available on the network. Training related travel costs are greatly reduced because the videos can be streamed 24/7 to anywhere in the world. We live in the "Age of Video." Indeed, this is an idea whose time has come!

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Instrument Maintenance & Calibration

Instrument Maintenance & Calibration

Complex instrumentation calibration and maintenance procedures are required in the biotech, semiconductor, medical, power, petroleum, and other industries. Typically standard operating procedures (SOPs) are text documents that often are not perfectly clear. A movie of an expert performing a complex procedure can be very helpful in clarifying an SOP—especially for people who are visual or hands-on learners. Click to view sample videos. Click to learn more about the safety, cost of ownership, quality assurance, and human factors benefits of this innovative business solution.

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Don't Just Tell Me...SHOW ME!
July 27, 2011 San Jose, California
(13 min)

This presentation demonstrates how instructional videos can be used to enhance instructional programs for Facilities Engineers and their vendors. Operation and maintenance personnel are typically kinesthetic learners. They tend to learn best by doing and observing, rather than following complex written procedures. Videos are ideal for kinesthetic learners.

Words are first converted into images for understanding. Video training provides a direct approach by supplying the intended imagery, thus reducing the chance for misinterpretation. The effective use of videos can help companies save money, make money, and make life easier.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement Procedure

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement Procedure
(3 min)

For those of us who are kinesthetic and visual learners, this type of video can be very useful as a complement to written instructions. Often we add voiceover or an on-camera instructor who explains each step of the process. This video was made to assist operators in performing the infrequent procedure of membrane replacement whose details could easily be forgotten. This was an old Osmonics RO system that had been in service for over 20 years. The building it supported was to be demolished in the next few years so my client wanted to make sure it kept making high quality purified water. This required replacing the 4" diameter membrane elements every 18 months or so.

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Pilot for Instructor Swim Training Series
(7 min 3 sec)

This is a pilot for a video program to train physical education instructors and lifeguards on how to teach kids to swim. The program will document training techniques that Bill Woolsey, Olympic Gold Medal winner, has developed over the last four decades while teaching thousands of children how to swim. This movie demonstrates the first three foundation lessons: 1) Bobbing and breath control; 2) Kicking; and 3) Using the arms.

In one case, two five-year old twins who received swim lessons for over a year at various swim schools sill couldn't swim. This video shows the methods Woolsey used to teach them, in just one hour, to be comfortable jumping into the deep end of the pool.

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