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Koffler Motor Testing

KOFFLER Electrical Apparatus Repair Videos
(San Leandro, CA)

KOFFLER Electrical Mechanical has earned a reputation of leadership and excellence in the electric motor repair industry. KOFFLER is consulted by both their peers and their competitors for professional advice and assistance with repairs. These videos of their trained professionals at work will help you understand some of their capabilities and why they have earned their industry-wide reputation for quality.

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Bloody Business

Author and Military Analyst
(20 sec)

This 20 second video is a good example of how photographs and movie clips can be woven together to communicate a message and set the tone for a web site. Gerald Schumacher uses this video on his home page to introduce his services as an author and military analyst.

Click to explore Mr. Schmacher's use of video to communicate the high quality of his services, and to view additional videos produced by Michael Bukay & Associates.

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A Plunge Worth Saving
(6 min 46 sec)

This is celebration of the history and service provided by the Richmond Plunge since it opened in 1926. This video was used to help successfully raise the funds needed to restore the facility. It contains a photographic archive of the joy and health it has brought to people of all ages and ethnicity. It includes a special section on the "Plunge Babies" who are naturally at one with the nurturing waters of the Plunge.

Click to learn more about the Richmond Plunge.

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BukayMedia on CBS News
(2.5 min)

Western Bluebird

Fisherman, waterfowl, and seals aren't the only ones interested in the recent herring population increase in the San Francisco Bay. Area chefs and news reporters are also paying attention. While researching his "California Herring Population On Upswing" story, outdoor reporter Don Ford of CBS Channel 5 News contacted me after watching my 2011 YouTube video, "Gulls Gone Wild!" This short film captured massive numbers of waterfowl feasted on, and fighting over, the fish eggs left left behind by that year's spawning herring along the shores of Point Richmond, CA. After watching the video, the reporter figured I knew something about the herring and thought that I might be able to help with his story. We met at my studio for an interview and to review some of the footage I shot of this year's herring run.

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California Autism Foundation-PSA
(2 min)

The California Autism Foundation provides a structured environment paired with the intermingling of living skills, academics, art, music and physical education. The goal is for individuals to achieve social independence and dignity, and to benefit from and contribute to society.

This video is a public service announcement that shows some of the art that is created by people with autism. It also promotes the sale of this art to the public. Click for more information on the California Autism Foundation.

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Personal & Business Introduction
(2 min)

This profile is based on an interview with Gerald Schumacher. It demonstrates his passion for his work and showcases a broad range of his photographs including: soldiers in Iraq, antiwar demonstrations, Mexican border patrol agents, and more.

Gerald is both an author and photographer. His books include To Be a U.S. Army Green Beret, 2005, and A Bloody Business, America's War Zone Contractors and the Occupation of Iraq, 2006, Zenith Press. His extensive military experience and expertise, along with his writing ability, makes him uniquely qualified to accomplish the most challenging tasks as a photojournalist. Click to explore Mr. Schmacher's use of video to communicate the high quality of his services, and to view additional videos produced by Michael Bukay & Associates.

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