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Stanford University Lokey Stem Cell Research Building

Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) Videos
(Silicon Valley Chapter 39 Activities)

Here you will view activities and tours sponsored by the Silicon Valley Chapter of the AFE. In addition to being a lot of fun, these gatherings provide excellent networking opportunities. We bring together professionals who ensure the optimal operation of plants, grounds and offices at Fortune 500 manufacturers, universities, medical centers, government agencies and innovative small firms from around the world. And, they all look to AFE as the leading technical resource on engineering issues.


AFE Silicon Valley Chapter presents
2012: A Year in Review
(11 min)

The Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) won 3 awards for excellence from the National Organization: Best Chapter, Best Membership Marketing, and Best Newsletter for 3 years in a row! This video summarizes the numerous milestone achievements and shows highlights of some key events for our members.


AFE Silicon Valley Chapter presents
Day with a Facility Professional - AFE Chapter 39's
50th Anniversary
March 9, 2012, Adobe Headquarters, San Jose, California
(20 min)

On March 9, 2012 at Adobe headquarters, the Silicon Valley Chapter of AFE hosted the 50th Anniversary of Day with a Facility Professional. It was another exciting sneak peak to the world of facility management for a new generation of students. Conceived 50 years ago by AFE Fellow Eric Bergtraun, the format remains the same. Professional hosts are paired with students for a day of job shadowing. It may sound simple, but the experience has transformed the lives and career paths of several generations of Silicon Valley facility managers. This video provides an overview of the event and highlights the students' enthusiasm about what they learned from the facilities professionals.


Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) at Google
March 24, 2011 Mountain View, California
(1.5 min)

AFE members and guests had the privilege of visiting Google’s West Campus building 5 in Mountain View, CA. to take a behind-the-scene look at the Internet search giant’s Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS). After an exclusive lunch provided to the sold-out event by Google chefs, we were treated to a slide show presentation by Richard Celio, P.E. of longtime EMIS provider Applied Power Technologies on “Energy Management Information Systems Success Criteria: The missing piece of the puzzle.” Following this, Google engineers presented real-time monitoring displays and in-depth discussions on: customizing energy management dashboards; augmenting EMIS with display monitors, Gmail, and Android smart phones; energy projects including cogeneration, solar, and fuel cell technologies; maintenance contracts; automated demand systems for temperature control; just-in-time resource management; and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of retrofitting older buildings and calculating the ROI for upgrades.


AFE Silicon Valley Chapter presents
Stanford Stem Cell Research Lab Building: AFE Behind the Scenes Tour
February 14, 2012, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
(5 min)

This is a documentary of a tour of the Stanford School of Medicine's Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building for Facility Engineers. The Silicon Valley Chapter of Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) organized this tour of the Stem Cell Research facility located at the heart of Stanford University. This new facility is a $200 million stem cell research building, which the school says is the largest of its kind in the country. Chris Shay, Director of Projects, Office of Facilities Planning & Management, Stanford University School of Medicine, hosted the meeting.


AFE Silicon Valley Chapter presents
NASA Sustainability Base: Behind the Scenes AFE Tour
January 26, 2012, Moffett Field, California
(4.5 min)

This is a special tour of the new NASA Sustainability Base at Moffett Field CA. Almost 50 Silicon Valley Association for Facilities Engineering members and guests got to explore the new "lunar-shaped" structures that incorporate a long list of state-of-the-art features including: a ground-source heating system that uses 106 geothermal wells; plumbing systems that target a 90% reduction in potable water consumption; natural lighting optimization; an exoskeleton supporting the building from the outside; energy-efficient power system using roof top photovoltaics and 2nd generation Bloom Box fuel cells; and radiant cooling ceiling tiles that also reduce ambient noise.


AFE Silicon Valley Chapter presents
Upcoming Changes to the Building, Electrical, Fire and Mechanical Codes
by Reinhard Hanselka, PE, REA of MW Group
November 17, 2011 San Jose, California
(27 min)

According to Reinhard Hanselka, “We have enough regulations! Now the challenge is to streamline the regulations so that we can do business correctly, safely, and competitively.” At his recent presentation to AFE members and guests, Reinhard communicated the logic behind the regulations along with strategies for mitigation.
On November 17th Reinhard presented "Upcoming Changes to the Building, Electrical, Fire, and Mechanical Codes" to an interested group of facility professionals who posed many questions.

AFE Silicon Valley Chapter presents
AFE Tour of the Pipe Trades Training Center in San Jose, CA
July 27, 2011 San Jose, California
(7 min)

Facilities operation and maintenance personnel are typically kinesthetic learners. They tend to learn best by doing and observing, rather than following complex written procedures. On July 27, 2011 the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) members and guests toured of the state-of-the-art, 100,000 square foot Loyd E. Williams Pipe Trades Training Center, where UA 393 apprentices and journeymen learn and hone their skills. You will be amazed at the vast array of hands-on training technologies, labs, and demonstrations used to train our local trades professionals.

Don't Just Tell Me...SHOW ME!
July 27, 2011 San Jose, California
(13 min)

This presentation demonstrates how instructional videos can be used to enhance instructional programs for Facilities Engineers and their vendors. Operation and maintenance personnel are typically kinesthetic learners. They tend to learn best by doing and observing, rather than following complex written procedures. Videos are ideal for kinesthetic learners.

Words are first converted into images for understanding. Video training provides a direct approach by supplying the intended imagery, thus reducing the chance for misinterpretation. The effective use of videos can help companies save money, make money, and make life easier.

AFE Behind the Scenes at the HP Pavilion / Shark Tank
April 4, 2011 San Jose, California
(2.5 min)

On April 4, 2011, AFE members and guests had the privilege of experiencing a behind-the-scene tour of the architecture and infrastructure of the world class HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. On the exclusive tour, guided by Rich Sotelo, VP of Buildings Operations; and Assistant Chief Engineer Eric Gold; we got to walk on the catwalk above the arena. We examined 8 individually operated 40,000 cfm air handlers--each powered by two 30 hp motors connected to a variable frequency drive. We carefully examined the storage and distribution center for all the beer dispensed at the events. The beer is pressurized by nitrogen gas for delivery from the central location to the point-of-use taps throughout the Pavilion.

Ohlone College

A Facility Mgrs' Tour of the "Greenest College in the World"
August 11, 2010, Newark, California
(6 min)

Approximately 20 AFE members and guests attended this informative and memorable tour of the "Greenest College in the World!" Tour and discussions included: the Green Touch Screens that show real-time energy usage, extensive photovoltaic systems that powers much of the campus, two ten-foot diameter enthalpy wheels used for air conditioning, the geothermal system, carbon footprint, and how the college is saving money by minimizing the use of paper.

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Ohlone College

Promo Video for a Tour of the "Greenest College in the World"
Newark, California
(2.5 min)

AFE members and guests are invited to tour the "Greenest College in the World!" This LEED Platinum facility has won numerous awards and offers a great chance to learn how to implement green building features into your facility. Register for the Ohlone College Green Building tour.

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AFE Silicon Valley Chapter presents
2011 Holiday Party for the AFE Silicon Valley Chapter
December 7, 2011 Cupertino, California
(9 min)

Our party, held at the beautiful Arya Restuarant in Cupertino, was well-attended and the food was delicious! Chapter president Bob Adamo of Technical Builders, Inc. provided a brief summary of the chapter's accomplishments in 2011, and thanked our sponsors and advertisers for providing financial support for the chapter. Board members were acknowledged and upcoming events and tours were announced for 2012. For additional information on joining the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association for Facilities Engineering contact Jim Elder at 408-855-1105 or go to http://afe.org/.
Yosemite Chapter

AFE Yosemite Chapter 155 Membership Drive Meeting
July 22, 2010, Lathrop, California
(7 min)

Chapter president Chuck Fair began with a welcome and introduction of the officers and board members. Chapter vice president Kevin Selby discussed the importance of preparing for the next generation of facilities engineers and emphasiized the focus in 2011 on energy savings. Jerry Biron, AFE vice president of the Pacific Northwestern Region provided detailed information on the AFE training programs, the regions past events, and the value of AFE membership.

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Clear the Air

Clear the Air: Regulation Changes for Boiler Emissions
April 22, 2010, Hayward, California
(1.5 min)

RF McDonald hosted approximately 40 AFE members and guests to a presentation on the new BAAQMD for boiler emissions and how to comply with these new regulations. The evening focused on how to “Clear the Air” by lowering boiler emissions by using the latest boiler technologies to comply with the Bay Area Air Quality standards for the nine Bay Area Counties.

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USS Hornet

Tour of the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier
March 25, 2010, Alameda, California
(3.5 min)

Sixty-five of AFE’s members, guests and family gathered aboard the USS Hornet in Alameda. The ship was built almost 70 years ago and operated flawlessly without the type computers and electronics that we all use today. We were shown the powerful catapult system used to launch the aircraft off of the deck, we also saw the fog foam firefighting system with its pump stations, the torpedo bay, as well as the Captain’s cabin.

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